What are the best flooring options for kids?

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What are the best flooring options for kids?

What are the best flooring options for kids?

When it comes to choosing your floors, there are many different qualities to take into account. Things such as durability, budget, levels of humidity or flooding, aesthetics and soundproofing potential all play a big part. And then there are smaller things, or rather, beings, that might play a huge part, now or in the future. The pitter patter of little feet will be all the more enjoyable when you know that your child and your floor are as compatible as they can possibly be – for both their sakes. 

Durable, low-maintenance and forgiving

When you have little ones running about the house, there are a few things to consider to ensure the best quality of life for everyone. You want to keep them safe, both from scrapes and bruises, but also from potential allergies or poor indoor air quality. 

Furthermore, chances are you will have a very busy household for the next few years, with less time and funds to spend maintaining your floors, so you want a low-maintenance option. Basically, you want something that will be soft enough for when they fall, but solid enough to withstand a little bit of rough treatment while also being easy to clean and maintain.

Wood floors and kids

Solid hardwood flooring is not only beautiful to look at and incredibly durable, it is also non-toxic and thus offers an incredibly safe indoor environment for your child. Furthermore, it is easy to wipe up any spillage from. As long as you mop up any liquid right away and there is no water damage from other sources, you should not have to worry about mould build-up either. 

However, it should be mentioned that real wood floors are quite susceptible to the wear and tear of let’s say toys being dragged across them. (On a positive note, you can always sand and refinish the floors after the children grow up, and they will add to the value of your home.) It is also quite a hard surface, which is something to take into consideration with a toddler that is crawling or learning to walk. 

Laminate and vinyl flooring for children

If you are on a parents-to-be budget, laminate flooring is a fantastic option while still providing the look and style of a wood floor. Laminate flooring has a protective scratch-resistant layer and is indentation-resistant with different density fibreboards. It is also stain resistant from spillage or finger paint and wipes down very easily. Meanwhile, it is worth considering that laminate floor surfaces can become quite slippery when wet. 

Vinyl fcan be an excellent choice for kids flooring, especially if it is backed by foam. This will make the floor cushiony and warm underfoot while providing additional sound isolation. It is also resistant to spills and very easy to clean and maintain. For both vinyl and laminate flooring, you want to make sure to got with a low VOC (volatile organic chemicals) emission option to improve air quality and maintain a safe indoor environment for you and your family. 

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