Preparing Your Floors For Spring

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Preparing Your Floors For Spring

Preparing Your Floors For Spring

With spring comes almost always the inevitable urge to clean out, renew and restore. As we wave goodbye to the dark and gloomy months, we prepare to shine new light – both figuratively and literally – in the corners that may have been forgotten throughout a time of hibernation and withdrawal. And while the sun comes through the windows a little earlier each day, this also means that it will illuminate any imperfections, stains or wear to our floors that we have easily forgotten or neglected in the months that have passed. 

This may make you consider a full sand-and-refurbish operation. However, there are other important things to take into account as spring approaches. While hopefully you will not see full on floods and need to protect your home from water damage, the outside can still become very muddy in spring months. Snow from melting in the uplands contribute to high water levels further south. Floors can then easily become damaged by excess moisture, dirt, and grime. 

Hallway flooring

Starting with the entrance. Place a welcome mat both outside and inside your front door to help get rid of that first layer of wet and dirt. Then you want to have a space where everyone coming into the house can easily and safely take off their shoes and boots, so it is nice to place a little stool or a bench where people can sit to remove them. However, make sure they do not need to step on the most likely wet mat again in their socks. 

Place a shoe-rack rack somewhere reachable so that the boots do not need to stay on the floor for longer than necessary. If you do not have a rack with a made-for-the-task bottom level, place some old newspaper underneath to soak up any dripping water, mud, or gravel that may have come along. 

Choosing the right cleaning method for your floors

In all probability, you will clean the entrance more often than other spaces in the house, so take care to keep cleaning supplies close at hand, so it does not take up more time than it has to. Furthermore, make sure that you learn the best way to clean the particular flooring you have in your hallway. Not all floors are equal when it comes to the best method, and you will increase their longevity by doing a little bit of research.

For instance, wood floors, laminate, tiles, and concrete should be swept clean before mopping them with the appropriate solution. However, if your hardwood flooring is only sealed with oil or wax, it is best to use a dry mopping method to minimise any risk of the wood soaking up moisture. If they have surface sealer, you can use warm water and vinegar or wood cleaner. Vinegar and water solutions also work for laminate and linoleum flooring. Meanwhile, dish soap in warm water works well on tiles. Carpet can be refreshed with a sprinkle of baking soda that you let sit for 15 minutes, followed by a vacuum.

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