Trending Rugs For 2022

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Trending Rugs For 2022

Trending Rugs For 2022

While we are, of course, biased towards beautiful, uncovered flooring surfaces, the interior – and at times even the floor – of any space can be elevated by the strategic use of rugs. The most famous carpet in the world is perhaps the Ardabil carpet. It is the oldest dated carpet in the world and sits in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It was originally two carpets that during restoration were combined into the piece now present in the V&A. The two pieces were most likely manufactured in the city of Kashan in Persia. They took four years to weave and were completed sometime around 1539-40.

The vintage rug

Many of the most expensive carpets in the worlds are Persian, such as the silk Isfahan rug that sold for $4,450,000 in 2008. Of course, one does not need to spend anywhere near such an exorbitant amount to bring a little historical craftsmanship into one’s home. Today there are plenty of beautifully handmade vintage rugs to be found, and their slightly worn look will lend a feel of authenticity to any space. The right colour and texture will make the perfect addition to any room in the house. Remember to rotate them every now and then so that each side gets an equal amount of wear. This is especially important for larger rugs that will see more foot-traffic from one end to the other.

Moroccan tribal patterns

Textiles are one of Morocco’s biggest exports. Moroccan rugs are also handmade, usually woven by women from traditional tribes. They are a wonderful option, particularly if your floors are on the colder side during the chillier winter months. They often provide insulation, meaning that any cold from the floor will not pass through – perfect if you like walking barefoot throughout the year. You can find both monochromatic tribal patterns as well as colourful berber style rugs. The colours tend to be a little lighter than their Persian or Turkish counterparts, so if you want something traditional but are afraid of a potentially heavy rug making your room darker, they are the perfect choice.

Bold geometrics

Geometric shapes have become a more modern classic over the past few decades – and for good reason. For 2022, the shapes are going bold and loud. Bright, patterned rugs make big statements in any space. Adding them to hallways, dining areas or living rooms create a big impact without having to change much else. Meanwhile, more minimal designs work well in spaces such as bedrooms and offices. If you decide to go for that packing-a-punch multicoloured motive, do take into consideration it might not be a rug for the ages. Even though one should always invest in quality textiles, know what will stand the test of your taste-time and place your hard-won earnings accordingly.

Most of all – enjoy your search for that perfect rug. Have fun, and let your instinct, eyes – and feet – guide you on your path. Happy hunting!

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