How To Protect Your Floor From The Christmas Tree

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How To Protect Your Floor From The Christmas Tree

How To Protect Your Floor From The Christmas Tree

That merry time of the year is fast approaching again. Between the mince pies, mulled wine and filled stockings, traditions abound to form a sense of ritual around the Christmas holidays. Meanwhile, out of all the traditions, few are so imbued with memory as the chopping down/picking out/carrying home or unpacking and then decorating of the tree. If opting for a real tree, whether or not you choose a fir, spruce or pine, the scent filling your home is one of those things that are difficult to surpass when it comes to holiday spirit. If you have gone with a reusable and by now artfully individual artificial tree, the familiarity of decorating the same branches every year is an event to unite the whole family for the festive season. However, as cosy and cheerful as that tree might be, you may be – with quite good reason – feel worried about how the weight, water and all those needles can impact your carefully curated flooring. While we cannot guarantee the best behaviour of all relatives after a little too much eggnog, with the right planning and protection, we can at least help set you up for a peaceful Christmas when it comes to your floors.

Preparing to bring your tree home

Hardwood floors may be the most susceptible to damage from Christmas trees. However, just about any material can suffer from this otherwise cheerful expression of indoor fauna. Before bringing your tree indoors, always make certain to clean your floors and wipe them down – vacuuming or sweeping and microfibre or mopping. This will ensure that no debris gets stuck between the stand and the floor that could cause scratches when you slide the tree if necessary to get it into its traditional spot.

Protect against scraping

Never place your Christmas tree stand directly on the floor. Make sure you have some cushioning between the stand and the floor that is thick enough to protect your floors from scraping and pressure indents. However, it should also be thin enough to let your tree stand sturdy and resist any potential feline assault or toddler curiosity. Using a material such as felt to form a protective barrier is highly recommended as it is soft enough to help avoid scratching or indentations.

Keep the moisture away

Meanwhile, it is also important that you protect your floors against potential water damage. If you have a real tree, you will need to keep it properly hydrated to avoid dry needles falling all over your floor before January 5th. However, you want to make sure not to overwater it – and especially to not overfill the stand. You may also want to consider placing a proper tree mat underneath the stand, rather than just felt, if you have a real tree. Do not use a regular towel! Moisture can get trapped and consequently damage your floors. Consider a Christmas tree skirt to hide anything that does not match the rest of the decor.

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