How To Paint A Laminate Floor

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How To Paint A Laminate Floor

How To Paint A Laminate Floor 

In our latest blog post, we answered the question if it is possible to paint an old laminate floor in order to spruce up a worn and lived-on surface, or simply to alter the feel of the interior of your home without investing a fortune in time and money.

If you are reading this, unfortunately the surprise has been spoilt as the title is somewhat of a give away. The answer is, yes, you can. This post will focus on the actual painting of the floors. Have a look at the previous instalment for what steps to take into consideration in terms of preparation, sanding, and priming. 

Materials for painting

For the actual painting, you will need a list of materials. This includes personal protective gear, such as rubber gloves and painting masks. Then you need painting accessories. These are paint trays (including paint tray lining or cling film), foam paint rollers and handle extensions, as well as edging brushes. 

We talked about oil-based primers in our last blog post on laminate flooring. Then you need a long-lasting and resilient paint, preferably porch paint or latex-based, the colour of your choice (avoid acrylic as it might not stick very well to the laminate and wear off easily). Finally, you will need polycrylic or polyurethane sealer to help prevent water damage.

The painting process

You can start painting around the edges of the room using a brush. This is called cutting in. Then you use the larger foam roller to fill in the main surface of the floor. If there are fixtures that can not be moved, such as kitchen cabinets, use a brush to get to the tricky surfaces as well. 

When you start painting with the foam roller, you should follow the lines of the laminate boards, rather than apply the paint perpendicularly. The extension handle for the foam roller is to ensure you do not step-in wet paint and that you can apply an equal pressure to the roller throughout, without having to wiggle about. It can be a  good idea to start with a small surface of the floor to make sure the result is to your liking. 

Drying and sealing your laminate floor

Latex paints are usually touch-dry in as little as an hour. However, it will take about four hours before it is ready for another coat. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Meanwhile, drying times can be affected by things such as poor ventilation and/or high humidity which both makes the drying process take longer. 

Then comes the final step of applying your sealant. The sealant will dry out the paint completely and give it a nice and smooth finish. You can sandpaper it, clean it, and apply an additional layer for a smooth and glossy finish. To keep your laminate floors clean, wash them with a mild soapy solution, but make sure not to expose them to excessive water. Use a well-dried mop when you are done to help keep them free from moisture and prevent any warping. 

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