Top Flooring Choices 2022

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Top Flooring Choices 2022

Top Flooring Choices 2022

Home makeover projects take time. So when you are looking into the types of floors you want whether or not you are replacing that old carpeting, or laying them down from scratch, you want to raise your gaze and look ahead. At the same time, you do not want to be ruled purely by trends and what is the latest buzz in the home decor section of the magazine aisle. 

You want a choice that you feel represents your tastes today, as well as tomorrow. High quality, durable material floors are classics for a reason. As we prepare to enter the darkest season of the year, let’s take a look at the bright and polished future of the coming year.

Parquet for 2022

One way forward is to go stylishly timeless. Parquet flooring has seen a reemergence in recent years. The noble pattern around for thousands of years is once more becoming increasingly popular, but with a hint of an update. 

While the 20th century version of parquet may have leaned towards shades of beige and yellowish tints, the upgraded parquet comes in lush, dark hazel tones with wisps of grey such as the Antique Oak, or blonde oat with specks of caramel, like the Country Oak Herringbone. Herringbone flooring patterns date back to 500 BC and the Roman Empire. It lends a touch of tradition, while allowing for personal and more modern colour choices and combinations.

2022 in Laminate


Laminate flooring, generally considered a slightly more budget friendly option, does not need to be any less impressive when done right. Suitable for all interiors, it also comes in all kinds of shades and sizes to fit all kinds of homes and individuals. Laminate will allow you to go for the colours that are really in vogue. 

For 2022, these are shades such as bleached wood and natural colours, aged plank effects and white-washed floors. Flooring with the effect of smoked wood has also recently gained in popularity, offering depth, texture and character to a room. Have a look at the Fresco Snow for full Scandi-feels, or the Tomahawk Oak for smoky greys.

Trending tiles


Tiles are also still a fantastic idea for 2022. They continue to be a favoured choice, especially in their larger sizes. There is a bunch of possible variations, including textured tiles, porcelain tiles that look like natural stone, and thoroughly sustainable tiles made from recycled glass. Meanwhile, ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile. 


Darker grey-scale tiles such as the Brecon Slate can create both depth to the room and a nod to a concrete aesthetic mixed with marble-like effects. Graphic tiles and patterns are also predicted to be popular throughout the coming year, the question is whether or not they will stand the test of time, 


The new year is sure to bring new and exciting things, as well as new challenges. Your floors are literally the ground you walk on in your home, make their choice a priority – and let people who are passionate about them help you.

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