What are the best flooring options for bedrooms?

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What are the best flooring options for bedrooms?

What are the best flooring options for bedrooms?

Our bedrooms should be havens of peace and relaxation, where we let go of the day that has  come before and hopefully wake up feeling energised to take on the next one. Apart from things such as not taking our screens to bed, keeping the temperature at about 18 degrees Celsius and our sleeping environment as dark as possible, there are many things that can influence the quality of our rest (and the other things we get up to in the bedroom). 

Decor, curtains, furniture, wallpaper and, of course, flooring, all have a major impact on how we feel when we walk through the bedroom door and when we open our eyes in the morning. So what should you consider when choosing your floors to create your own sanctuary of sleep? 

Few restrictions for bedroom floors

First of all, there are many options – and few restrictions, which means you can play around with what will feel good to you. The bedroom is a place that gets very little thoroughfare footfall traffic. As such, durability is less of an issue. Water resistance is also not so important, nor is soundproofing. However, with all those options, and given how much your floors will impact how you feel about the space, it is important to take time to think about – and feel – various materials and styles. 

Probably one of the most important things about your bedroom floor is that it should feel good when you walk across it barefoot. Whether that is before snuggling up into bed with a book, fumbling your way on a midnight bathroom excursion, or reluctantly getting out of bed hoping that your significant other remembered to pick up coffee filters the day before, your feet should not have any complaints about it. 

Calming feel and look of natural materials

Our feet spend many hours shut in shoes. However, science shows that it is calming for the nervous system for us to be in contact with natural materials. If our climate does not allow for year-round barefoot walks around the garden or on the beach, it could be a nice idea to bring nature inside and choose a real wood floor for your bedroom. 

With so many different materials to choose from, you can create an environment that inspires rest in your own unique way. Strip and plank wooden floors are usually a more popular choice for the bedroom than parquet. 

Laminate floors that resemble wood can also contribute to the calming effect of looking at natural materials. It has the advantage of being less expensive than hardwood floors. Laying it yourself is also a fairly accessible DIY project. 

Rugs over carpet?

Carpeting is of course an easy choice when it comes to keeping your feet warm, but a well-placed rug does no worse, and still allows you a glimpse of the floor underneath. An area rug will also allow you to play around with your decoration, switching things up with the seasons, or from one year to the next, whereas a carpet requires a lot more investment in time and money to replace. Whatever you choose for your bedroom, make sure it is something that will make you feel at ease as you rest your head after taking on the world. 

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