The perfect floor for your home

Our generously sized samples mean that you can find the perfect floor for your home easily as you can completely enjoy the quality, realise the finish, touch and how your new floor will compliment your existing interior design

Your floor, your light

Floors can look different depending on how much light is coming into the room and, ultimately, illuminating them. That’s another reason why our free sample service is so popular, you can enjoy the quality of the the colours and finishes and how they will look like in the comfort and the light of your own home.

Make your house a home

The samples we provide are true to colour so you can be sure that once find the perfect floor for your home, you will be able to enjoy the quality and it will make your house a home.

How To Order Your Samples

Select up to 3 samples of your choice

  1. Whilst you’re browsing through our wide range of flooring, if you see a particular floor you like, there is an option of ORDER SAMPLE which is free for you.
  2. Please note that we are unable to provide samples on some of our products and cannot provide accessory samples. If flooring is out of stock, then we will not be able to provide samples of that particular flooring, until it is back in stock.

Review & confirm the samples you have requested

  1. Once you have selected the floors that you like, go to the checkout page and complete your order.
  2. Please note, that you are only able to order 3 samples per address. If you would like to buy more samples, then please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Obtain your samples & pick your perfect floor

You will receive your samples through the post, ready for you to pick your favourite!