5 Timeless colour schemes

5 Timeless colour schemes

No. 1 Orange and Brown

This colour scheme is for the bold and daring and even though it’s inspired by the 70’s it’s a timeless warm and inviting colour scheme. It can be paired with gold or brass accessories to compliment the warm tones.

What flooring can I pair with this colour scheme?
Oak Robust Fumed Herringbone £19.95m2
Coffee oak Herringbone £19.95m2


Cream and Brown

Using a creamy white as a foundation colour for your room allows you to welcome any colour. Brown pairs well as it provides a homely and welcoming atmosphere. Add in an accent colours such as Green or yellow to bring the room to life. A few small additions of indoor plants give the palette an of‑the‑moment update.

What flooring can I pair with this?
Oak natural robust herringbone £19.95m2
Tawny Chestnut £13.99m2


Charcoal and Cream

Charcoal grey is perfect for multiple personalities. Paired with shiny fabrics and accessories, it gives us an opulent finish. With linen fabrics and tarnished metals or brass and bronze we get a down to earth vibe. Creamy white and beige furniture make a room painted with charcoal grey seem light and spacious and doesn’t need bright colours to be interesting.

What flooring can I pair with this colour scheme?
Tomahawk Oak 12mm £14.99m2 / Oak Stone £16.99m2


Navy and White

White is a classic high‑contrast partner that sets off the deep‑sea hue quite strikingly. To emphasise colour differences, you want to pick neutral accessories and materials that are lighter or much darker than a room’s navy blue finishes and furniture. This will ensure that your entire room enjoys attention, regardless of which contrasting colours you pick.

What flooring can I pair with this?
Doubloon Oak 10mm £13.99m2 / Armoury Oak 8mm £9.45m2


Cobalt Blue and Orange
They say opposites attract and this is defiantly the case with these colours. These strikingly bright colours are opposites on the colour wheel but compliment each other superbly and would work well accessorising a white room.

What flooring can I pair with this colour scheme?
Light Varnished Oak 8mm £9.95m2/ Dessert Oak Herringbone £19.95m2